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Dean throughout s9 + bw

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I'm more of a newer follower and OMG will you tell me about your girlfriend?! I just always get exited over these things *hides underneath a rock and giggles*

oh my gosh yes!!! my girlfriend’s name is nadin and simple words don’t even come to close to correctly describing them??? like they’re ULTRA ADORABLE and they make me laugh 24/7 and just Talking to them makes my day better and they’re the BIGGEST CUTE DORK and so intelligent and strong and wonderful!!!!! they deserve everything great in the world i wish i was able to give it to them!!!!

wow i’m such a huge gay i could literally float away right now i’m so hapyppy

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Kristen Stewart for Studio Ciné Live Magazine

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why do i always fall for the bad boys *thinking about Lord Farquaad*

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Stay out of my t e r r i t o r y.  
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After all this time? A l w a y s.

After all this time? A l w a y s.

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once i was so high that i heard a drum beat and for a good fifteen seconds i thought that the events of the movie jumanji were about to happen to me

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You care so much you feel as though you will  b l e e d  to death with the pain of it.

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